Keepin' it Candid at Corporate Events

Keepin' it Candid at Corporate Events

Candid photos are a necessary skill to develop as a Las Vegas Corporate Event Photographer. When covering corporate events like a conference or a business dinner, where the guests are usually seated, if the Las Vegas corporate event photographer just snaps his/her way through the event until the end, all the photos will look the same because there is not much action and variation from the guests. Such monotonous photography is undesirable and dull. The solution for this is to get creative with your candid.

The Las Vegas Corporate Event Photographer ‘s Key to Taking Better Candid Photos

Blend In. You want the guests not to notice your presence as much as possible. Where something comfortable and suitable for the occasion. Find out what the guests will be wearing and dress up in a similar attire. This way, people can only tell you’re the Las Vegas corporate event photographer when they see you with a camera. And your subjects should be unaware you’re taking a photo of them. that’s the idea of candid anyway.

Anticipate the opportunity. Perhaps, this is the most significant quality to possess if you’re serious about taking great candid. Understand your subjects and know what they will do next. Anticipate the situation and know what will happen next. If you’re able to do this, you’re well on the way to taking perfect candid shots because you’ll be able to get into position early to capture the picture.

Always prepare your camera beforehand. Things like shutter speed and aperture should be set earlier so you don’t have to waste valuable time fiddling with them when you should be taking the shots. As you’ll learn from any Las Vegas corporate event photographer, the necessity of rolling up to a corporate event shoot prepared is just that, a necessity. 

Human actions are predictable. So take advantage of that. Have you wondered how some candid look so great that they can be mistaken for staged photos?

If you’ve been waiting for ages to get a genuine smile from your guest and someone walks in with a cute baby what do you think their reaction will be? A heart-warming smile is the least you could get!

I normally take some time out to do photography for myself. One afternoon, I was in a restaurant and a previous client-turned friend walked in and sat down alone. I knew he’d look up as the waiter approaches, but I wasn’t ready with the camera so I had to wait for another opportunity. Probably when the waiter comes back with the order. But he looked through the glass wall as a car arrived and parked outside. Boom! There is the moment and I took my shot. I Went over to say hi and showed him the photo. It was a good view of him, the reflection on the glass wall and the car parked outside. He said it was “brilliant.” There is nothing like a perfectly taken candid photo. The Las Vegas Corporate Event Photographer ‘s repertoire is replete with staged photos, but without a series of heartwarming candids, their portfolio is not fulfilled.



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