Las Vegas Corporate Event Photographer and Celebrities

Las Vegas Corporate Event Photographer and Celebrities

Las Vegas Corporate Event Photographer: Covering Celebrities

Some of the times, I get asked the question: are celebrities handled differently during your photo sessions? Whenever I get such questions, I do well to help them rephrase it to better reflect what the person asking the question really wants to know. So the actual question would be: why are celebrities treated differently by photographers during events?

Well, we DO NOT treat celebrities differently. And from experience covering events with lots of celebrities present, what is important to have a smooth working relationship is to create and maintain mutual respect.

Now, the only difference between the celebrity and us ‘not so famous’ folks is that the celebrity already has the photographer’s respect by merely walking into our presence.  Hey, he’s an actor, she’s a singer. They are footballers. We probably know who they are, and what they do. But the photographer, an unknown entity to the star or his/her managers have to establish some kind of respect. So it all becomes mutual: from one professional to the other.

“Keeping Up With Celebrities” as a Las Vegas Corporate Event Photographer 

Having established the need to have some form of mutual respect between the photographer and the celebrity, the experienced Las Vegas Corporate Event Photographer plays the cards slightly differently as he/she would were the subject not particularly famous. It’s still about achieving the same thing, which is to establish mutual respect between two colleagues working together. Hence, I wouldn’t say celebrities are treated differently. Let’s just say a different approach is required for arriving at the same, ultimate result: which is to have a smooth, productive photo session while keeping up with the fast-paced nature of events and celebrity lifestyle.



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