Best Photographers in Las Vegas

Best Photographers in Las Vegas

Best Photographers in Las Vegas

If you want to be the best photographer in the Las Vegas area, you’re not alone: there’s plenty of competition out there, as any cursory search on Google will tell you. But when it comes to being the best, you’ve probably already heard the tell-tale advice that explains what clients want to see in the “best photographers.” To shake things up, let’s approach this from an angle that is a little more intense: what makes someone the WORST Las Vegas headshot photographer? Take a look at these 3 terrible traits and make sure that you avoid them at all costs, whether you’re a Las Vegas headshot photographer or someone looking for a photographer to take your next portrait or event photos.

Showing up late Barring a legitimate emergency, a Las Vegas photographer should never show up late. Clients do not want to hear excuses since excuses will not make up for the inconvenience and disturbance that can be caused by a photographer showing up to a shoot late or walking in after an event has already started. A Las Vegas headshot photographer who shows up late is being disrespectful of their client’s time and money. And if you’re a photographer, showing up late will be a serious black mark on your client’s perception of you, which could result in a negative review online; this can greatly affect your reputation since most people look for online reviews before choosing a Las Vegas headshot photographer.

Having a bad attitude In today’s world, there’s a lot of little things that might make a photographer annoyed before they head out to an event or photo shoot. Bad traffic, slamming their thumb in the car door, missing an important phone call and having to reschedule for another day. Whatever the reason, there is no excuse for a Las Vegas headshot photographer who shows up to work with a bad attitude. Clients do not want to know about a photographer’s bad day–all they want is professional service with a smile and engaging attitude that is sure to result in better pictures than a sour face and sulking disposition.

Looking unprofessional If there is one thing that sets the “best” Las Vegas headshot photographer apart from the “worst,” it’s appearance. No, as a photographer you don’t need to show up in an Armani suit with a gold watch chain—but you absolutely need to look professional. This means your clothes should be ironed or pressed; they should be clean; they should fit neatly, and you should have a washed and groomed appearance. Showing up in sweat pants or with a mysterious stain on your shirt is a surefire way to get a bad reputation.

Final thoughts No one wants to be the “worst” Las Vegas photographer in the business. If you make sure to eliminate the above 3 traits from your services, you will be well on your way to earning the “best” moniker.



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