Explore The Venue, Take Shots In The Process: Tips For A Las Vegas Event Photographer

Explore The Venue, Take Shots In The Process: Tips For A Las Vegas Event Photographer


Explore The Venue, Take Shots In The Process: Tips For A Las Vegas Event Photographer

Venue shots are not always something Las Vegas Event Photographers take into consideration, but if you’re looking to impress your client they can be a valuable tool. Clients higher photographers in order to take interesting shots and a beautiful picture of the decorated venue before any visitors arrive can make a powerful image. As a Las Vegas photographer, you need to take shots like this to stay competitive.


If you want to be the photographer they ask for, again and again, make a point to get shots that show what the venue is capable of achieving. This requires showing up before even the early birds arrive. Many Las Vegas event photographers arrive on time, but rarely early enough to get these amazing shots, and it shouldn’t be that way.

Exploring the venue before you shoot the event has many other benefits as well. There are a few things a Las Vegas event photographer really needs in order to be successful. No photographer is complete without a great camera and equipment of course, but even the best camera can’t take a good photo if the Las Vegas photographer doesn’t have a great angle as well.

Exploring the venue gives you a chance to plan out these angles, and figure out where the best place will be for shots you know will happen. If you’ve asked your client for a list of shots they’d like to get from their photographer, you can take a moment to check out where these moments will be and where your best angles will be. Don’t worry about whether the venue will let the Las Vegas photographer in early, as part of the team you are helping make the event happen.

A good photographer needs to think on their feet, but it’s easier to make adjustments to a plan then to have no plan at all. Your client will be a lot more impressed by the photographer that was able to get good shots despite pouring rain or other circumstances, rather than a Las Vegas photographer who only got so-so shots in ideal conditions.



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