Family Portraits With A Las Vegas Family Portrait Photographer

Family Portraits With A Las Vegas Family Portrait Photographer

Family Portraits with a Las Vegas Family Portrait Photographer

Are you bringing the family to Las Vegas for a vacation? Or are you in Vegas for other reasons but would like to take advantage of this iconic city?  How about family portraits with a Las Vegas family portrait photographer. We believe that Las Vegas is the best place to take photographs. It has some fabulous spots and there is just no place like “Sin City”.


We offer Visiting families to Vegas the opportunity to take stunning photos at some of the most iconic spots in or around the city. If you’re already familiar with Vegas, see this piece as insights from a professional photographer.

Here are some of the top spots in Vegas you must capture in your photo collectionDon’t forget to take notes!

The Fountains of Bellagio. Beautiful as they come, the Fountains of Bellagio is a reference point in Vegas. If you’re on a vacation in Vegas, you wouldn’t want to leave without exploring this stunning Italian-themed resort fronted by a man-made lake. As you and the family are having a wonderful time in exploring the mesmerizing scenes around the Fountains of Bellagio, now is the time to have some captivating family portraits taken. We recommend you go after dark, as the fountain is most beautiful then and the resulting photos will be the source of envy from your friends.

Then, there is Fremont Street, if you love the glitz and glamor, you’ll love Fremont Street. Located in downtown Las Vegas, this unique attraction features a massive overhead canopy equivalent to five football fields in length and comprised of more than 12.5 million synchronized LED modules. It’s a fantastic location for a Las Vegas family portrait photographer.

For a well-lit photo, you’ll do no wrong if you pitch your tent here. Also, on nearly every corner in Fremont East, there’s a mural or an art structure by artists from all over the world. I’m sure the kids would love the arts here. So, for an artsy family portrait session, take a walk around and let your photographer do the magic. We have one last tip for you on this one; from our humble experience, a sunset photo session is what you want.

Want eh something natural? Then, transport yourselves to the Red Rock Canyon. You’ll be amazed at how giant the multi-hued rocks are. The rocks have features that are linked to the Mojave Desert and it attracts people from all over the world. The clear landscape and vivid red rock formations serves are the perfect backgrounds to focus the spotlight on your family.

There are so many other great spots you can have your family portrait photographed. After all, it is Vegas. The good thing is, we know all the hot spots. Especially those that will make your family look exceptional on camera as we all know they do. So, you’ve nothing to worry about.




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