Keynote Speaker during an Event Shot – Corporate Event Photographer

Keynote Speaker during an Event Shot – Corporate Event Photographer

Keynote Speaker During an Event Shot – Corporate Event Photographer

Keynote speakers are always the center of attention in most corporate events. Therefore, as a corporate event photographer, ensure you take different photographs of the keynote speaker of any event you are covering.


A keynote speaker usually gives a motivational and inspirational speech that will increase the morale of employees. So, ensure that you capture a keynote speaker every moment of action throughout the event.

To do this, ensure that you attend the event on time as a corporate event photographer. This will enable you to make adequate preparations and cover every moment, including the time the keynote speaker arrives.

When you are at the event, illuminate the venue very well for amazing captures. This is done by setting lights in the corner of the venue, thus cross lighting the venue. With adequate lighting, you will be flexible to take nice photographs from different angles of the venue.

As a rule, try to capture a moment when the entire crowd focuses on the keynote speaker speech. Capture like this look professional and can be used for official purpose.  More importantly, your client will definitely be glad if you are creative enough to capture a moment when everybody pays serious attention to the keynote speaker.

Also, when taking these captures, ensure you didn’t intrude of the audience or the speaker’s personal space. This is why it is recommended that you use a zoom lens, preferably 200-700. A zoom lens of this range will give you a close shot of the speaker and audience face without stress. Obviously, the photographs will turn up being extraordinarily awesome.

However, as a corporate event photographer, you must always remember that your objective is not to take mind-blowing shots, rather cover as more moments as possible. This is why you must be very proactive and exceptional in capturing moments in a corporate event.

Don’t forget to put a smile in your client’s face, as a satisfied client will definitely recommend you for more business.



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