Las Vegas Event Photographer - Walk With A Purpose

Las Vegas Event Photographer - Walk With A Purpose

Las Vegas Event Photographer – Walk With A Purpose

Even the most seasoned Las Vegas photographer may find himself wondering “What am I supposed to do now?” when hired to shoot an all-day event. You may even find yourself working as the on-site Las Vegas portrait photographer for as long as 8 hours! And while it may seem like there’s no way you could possibly fill those 8 hours with photography, there are a few things you can do to make a lengthy photographer job easier to manage.


Get creative

It will be impossible—and boring—to take the same types of photographs for 8 hours straight. There are only so many times you can photograph the same people wandering around the event, sitting at their table, heading to the dance floor, and so on before it becomes impossibly stale. And let’s be honest, no client hiring a professional Las Vegas portrait photographer wants an endless gallery of the same types of photos!

This is where creativity comes in. There are plenty of ways you can employ creativity as a Las Vegas portrait photographer as long as you are willing to think outside the box. If you’ve already taken the expected shots of the event, look for new angles and new themes to explore. Maybe there’s an especially beautiful floral centerpiece that would make a good aesthetic photo for an event gallery; or a unique window that frames a few of the event tables when captured from a certain angle. The sky (maybe literally, if the event is outdoors) is the limit!

Get walking!

If you’ve really stretched the limits of your creativity as a Las Vegas portrait photographer, then there’s only one remedy: a walk. Walk around the venue with a renewed purpose and goal. One great photographer trick is to tell yourself you will take a certain number of photos for a certain amount of time spent walking. 5 photos per 10 minutes of walking is a realistic goal.

Final thoughts

It can be hard to work as a Las Vegas portrait photographer at an all-day event, but with the above tips in mind, you’ll get your creative juices flowing in no time.



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