Las Vegas Family Photographer

Las Vegas Family Photographer

Las Vegas Family Photographer

In a single month, Christian Purdie Photography shoots anywhere between 10 and 15 family portrait sessions. Our Las Vegas family photographer services are a staple of our company—not only do we photograph family sessions on a regular basis, we genuinely love and enjoy booking family sessions for their warmth, joy, and uniqueness.

As any photographer who does Las Vegas family photographer sessions know, working with a family requires a special level of attention and care. A successful Las Vegas family photographer session requires plenty of patience due to working with children and a potential large group of people, a solid understanding of group posing dynamics to ensure great angles and posing, and the ability to work well with children who may or may not be excited to pose for the next family photo.

At Christian Purdie Photography, we understand that kids are—well, kids! And they won’t always pose perfectly still or smile exactly when you want them to, which is exactly why our photographers use little tips and tricks such as singing songs, jangling keys, or making up silly games in order to get the best smiles and photos out of families with children of all ages. As a Las Vegas family photographer, we want to provide all families with the best possible photos—but we want to make sure that the photo session itself is great fun, too. We know that the key to a great family photo is an organic photo session that leads to genuine smiles, comfortable body language, and happy memories.

If you are looking for a professional Las Vegas family photographer that is committed to patience and understanding with children of all ages to ensure that perfect family photo, contact us today for more information about the availability of our family photo sessions.



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