Las Vegas Photography Studios

Las Vegas Photography Studios

Las Vegas Photography Studios

Let’s say you are a photographer in Las Vegas.  Do you actually need a studio or can you get away without it?  What are the benefits and the drawbacks?

Scenery:  This can work both ways for a Las Vegas photographer.  If the photographer is taking headshots, focuses on models or needs special equipment a studio can come in handy.  On the other hand, Las Vegas usually has decent weather if you don’t count the heat.  There are plenty of outdoor areas that can be used for a photo shoot and you don’t have to worry about parking or rent if you don’t have a studio.

Feeding a crew:  A Las Vegas photographer may work alone but there may be times when it takes a crew.  A studio often has a kitchen available as well as seating for the crew.  On the road, the photographer may have to feed the crew out of his or her own pocket.  This can cut down on the cost savings of not having a studio.

Control environment:  Las Vegas photographers do have to be wary of a few things for outdoor shoots.  One is heat.  Las Vegas is in the desert and the unwary photographer can get dehydrated and/or sun sick very easily.  Another is the crowds of tourists.  Photographers have a great deal of equipment including tripods.  This equipment can get knocked over or stolen outdoors.  An indoor studio gives the Las Vegas photographer a cooler environment and more control over his or her equipment.

Lighting:  This is another area that can go both ways for the Las Vegas photographer.  Natural light is by far the best for most photos and it is very hard to recreate that inside a studio.  However, in a studio, the Las Vegas photographer does not have to contend with smog or the occasional cloudy day.



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