Las Vegas Portrait Photographer - Switch it up with Black and White

Las Vegas Portrait Photographer - Switch it up with Black and White

Las Vegas Portrait Photographer – Switch it up with Black and White

A favorite genre of portrait photography, Black and White’s photography is a unique effect of photography which many including the Las Vegas portrait photographer love to use on their images. Many people including photographers are attracted to this effect because of the perspective it creates of the image.

This type of photography lets one express true feeling without been distracted by colors. The black and white portrait photography expresses more emotions than the original version of an image. This is because of the mood of the effect which is more than that of color photography.

This effect focuses more on the subject’s expressions, movements, and other subtleties.  Converting a color image to black and white is not the same as black and white portrait photography because they won’t turn out the same and black and white photography demand careful attention and adequate preparation before commencing.

Here are a few skills to learn to achieve that appealing black and white portraits;

When shooting in black and white, using the black and white shooting option is not the best action to take because of a few reasons such as more colors during editing to hindering creativity. You need to shoot for black and white to increase your chances of improving creatively.

When getting ready for a shoot, make sure the location, lighting and the camera settings are prepared. Think for a few minutes about the end products and how it should turn out. This little information would help the photographer in the shooting session.

Consider Camera settings

As a Las Vegas portrait photographer, when taking black and white images of people, consider separating the images from their background through the use of aperture. The reason behind this action is to make the image stand out and create a perfect blur in the background.

You can use any of the following apertures f/1.8- f/2.5 to separate the images from their background. Thought that is my preferred choice, you can find yours. You can also try taking your pictures in high ISO numbers as advised by a Las Vegas Photographer when taking the view at night or places with low lights. It’s ideal for this mode of photography everyone should give it a try.


The lighting arrangement should match the kind of story told by the image.  The idea should not be bogus, just simple and manifest itself in the picture.  Ask yourself these questions when thinking about the idea of the lighting position;

What kind of feeling do I want to evoke from people when they stare at my portrait? What kind of feeling do I stir in the subject when they see the image taken? And what is my favorite black and white portrait?

The answers to these questions would give the  Las Vegas portrait photographer some insight into what people expect of their work.

Posture for black and white portrait

Think about what would make your subject stand out in the image without any color and details. Remember getting a good result out of posture relies on proper communication. Make friends with your subjects before you begin the session.

Many Las Vegas portrait Photographers advice that emphasis should be placed on the eyes of your subject when taking their picture. Make sure when your subjects have obtained the required pose, their eyes are bright and sparkly. This would make the images eye catchy, shiny and sparkly.

Consider the elements that stand out in your subject and focus on them. Reason for this is because a lack of color would make every other detail stand out.

Find out the kind of stories that the image should tell and work towards that.  Learn how to communicate appropriately with your subjects and properly give them instructions. Do not be afraid if you do not get it at first trial. Keep on going, and you’ll get there.



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