Navigating the Conference Halls

Navigating the Conference Halls

Las Vegas Event Photographer – Navigating the Conference Halls

Have you ever wanted to get lost inside a corporate labyrinth? If you’re a Las Vegas tradeshow photographer, you’re in luck! That will be your everyday experience when you show up to a conference center to do a job. Conference centers, especially in Las Vegas, are notoriously confusing. Endless and confusing hallways, doors upon doors that all look the same, and unhelpful employees that could give the characters in Jim Henson’s’ “The Labyrinth” a run for their money.

But all is not lost. As any experienced Las Vegas tradeshow photographer will tell you, there are some ways to get around being lost in a conference center labyrinth for all eternity–well, a few hours anyway.

Call the conference center for a map

The first thing you should try is to get a map of the conference center. Yet as any Las Vegas tradeshow photographer who has tried this step will tell you, it isn’t always successful. There may not be a map of the center or, chances are, the hourly wage employees will have no idea how to procure one that could help you. In this case, move on to the next idea.

Show up early to get an idea of where to go

You may think to yourself: Why would a Las Vegas tradeshow photographer need to show up 2 hours before the event? The answer is not “to set up all their equipment,” “to look around at cool stuff,” or “to drink a giant cup of coffee to prepare for their upcoming workday.” The answer is actually so that they will know where exactly go once their Las Vegas photographer job starts. Yes, it may seem excessive–and yes, it is sometimes necessary.

It’s especially vital as a Las Vegas tradeshow photographer that you impress your clients since they will typically be corporate clients who could potentially lock you in for more jobs in the future. The more you impress, the more chances you have of them putting in a good word with other corporate clients.



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