Not Everyone Will Like Your Photos | Corporate Photographer

Not Everyone Will Like Your Photos | Corporate Photographer

Not Everyone Will Like Your Photos | Corporate Photographer

When you agree to be someone’s Las Vegas corporate photographer, you probably have dreams of their excited faces when they see your amazing photography. We all want to be the best photographers that we can be, and many of us spend years sharpening the art. When someone is disappointed with our work, it makes us question whether we should even be a Las Vegas corporate photographer at all.


The problem with corporate events is that there are tons of people in attendance. It’s going to be difficult to capture everyone’s good side, and some people just don’t like having their picture taken. During the course of doing your job, you may get snapped at, or receive a complaint because someone in the photo didn’t like how it looked. Even the best Las Vegas corporate photographer has this problem.

The simple truth is that if 100 people look at a photo taken by a professional Las Vegas corporate photographer, there will be 100 different opinions on its quality. Even the best Las Vegas photographer in the world can’t hope to make all of those people happy.

So what can a Las Vegas corporate photographer do? Here are a couple of tips.

Stay professional

In the end, which photos you choose to keep are your own professional opinion as a Las Vegas corporate photographer. You have to stick with your own judgment when it comes down to the photos you have taken. If someone doesn’t like it and it is the best photo available, just remember you can’t please everybody.

Try to get smiling photos

Not everyone is going to be smiling all of the time, but a photo of a smiling person is usually better than one where they aren’t. Make sure you’re also not photographing anything inadvertently in the background also. Many professional photographers take extra photos so if they discover a close up of someone’s butt or an awkward moment in the background of one shot, they can look for a similar one that doesn’t have these in it.

There’s a lot for Las Vegas photographers to remember, but sticking with these tips are your best bet to help you get great shots that please your clients—at least most of the time.



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