The Art of Food Photography

The Art of Food Photography

The Art of Food Photography

Food photography? Really! That was my reaction when I first got to know about this specialty of commercial photography. Well, I can be forgiven as that was a long time ago.

What prompted this article was a discussion I had with a friend. He had enquired about the scope of photography. I happily obliged and went on to list the specialties in photography. He seemed to reason with all except when I mentioned FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY, he actually found it hard to believe that any kind of special talent is needed to cut it in food photography.

What brings us together more than food? At the dining table, there is one thing that is on everyone’s mind – food. Willingly or unwillingly, we all create a mental picture of a sumptuous meal almost every moment of our lives. So it makes perfect sense that we like and cherish photographs of food.

And the restaurants and fast food joints have taken advantage of this apparent longing for food to make the reality of our imagination with appetizing photographs. And if you think the process of making food look as good as it smells is easy, then you’re mistaken.

Contrary to the feeling of most people, the food photographer is not responsible for everything. Usually, working in tandem with the food photographer is the food stylist – who’s responsible for coming up with those photogenic designs and patterns. As a food photographer, your job is to know what color combinations and backgrounds used works best for your camera. It may look simple, but food photography is one of the most difficult and specialized types of commercial photography. Getting food to look so good to the extent you’d want to eat it right off the photographs takes considerable skill, an imaginative mind, and experience to get it right. The next time you visit your favorite food blog or website, just remember the effort of the photographer and food stylist on the artistic masterpiece that is food photography.



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