Choosing a Corporate Event Photographer

Choosing a Corporate Event Photographer

Choosing a corporate event Photographer

We did a piece on “the right corporate event photographer”. In that article, I suggested that the right corporate event photographer is someone who understands the job or what is required of him, and indeed, gets the job done in line with the client’s vision. When choosing a corporate event photographer following the guidelines below, you wouldn’t be far off the mark of experience and a solid track record is the criteria choosing to arrive at a creative corporate event photographer.

As we all know, an event photographer is an important part of any corporate event, conference, or trade show. Their works provide lasting memories for guests and help bring the event planner’s vision to life as well as increase their brand’s awareness.

From my many years of experience working as a professional event photographer, I decided to make a list of suggestions to help you choose the right photographer for your events.

Look to hire a professional: photographing corporate events is something of a specialist field. It takes years of practice to get accustomed to the requirements of corporate photography. Taking candid shots at a wedding is not remotely the same as taking some shots at a business conference – what to capture is markedly different in both cases. For corporate events, I believe the stakes are higher. So If you settle for a rookie with an expensive camera (which is not a problem at all), don’t expect the turnout to be on an expert level.

Ask friends for referrals: from my standpoint, any photographer worth his/her mantle would be happy to boast about the people they have worked with and a friend of yours who is happy with the work of a particular photographer would be happy to recommend such person to you. I see it as a win-win situation for all involved.

Allow them to sell themselves to you: more like an like you would consult when hiring someone for your company. Ask some questions to help you determine if the photographer meets your criteria.

Questions like these help you evaluate better:

  • What is your level of experience?
  • Do you have insurance?
  • What is your photography style?
  • Have you worked on something similar before?
  • What kind of equipment do you use and why?


I understand it may not be so easy deciding who’s right for the job and who’s not. Particularly if you have no knowledge of photography. But the above tips could help you narrow your search drastically. Aside from the above qualities, what you shouldn’t compromise when searching is the quality of work and service. If you compromise on those two things, just remember that the event can only happen once, what is lost with an amateur can never be recovered again. Check out my event photography survival guide for some more information from a photographers perspective. Keep in mind that being a Las Vegas event photographer is a fast-paced, highly accurate, and complicated.



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