Dealing with clients as a Las Vegas Photographer

Dealing with clients as a Las Vegas Photographer

Dealing With Clients as a Las Vegas Photographer

Sometimes as a Las Vegas photographer, you will have clients that are unhappy with your work. It’s unfortunate and can be frustrating, but the longer you work as a Las Vegas photographer, the more you will realize that it is just the reality of working in the photography business. For one reason or another, clients will not always be happy.

What is most important here is how you deal with those clients after they have expressed a complaint or concern about their photos or the overall services they received. After all, they did purchase your services and deserve the respect of being treated professionally by a Las Vegas photographer even if they are unhappy.

The Three Ps of Dealing with Unhappy Clients: Prompt, Professional, and Placate

These three Ps you need to keep in mind when dealing with an unhappy client as a Las Vegas photographer: be prompt, be professional, and (within reason) placate.

The prompt should be obvious: respond to their complaint as promptly as possible. This doesn’t mean you have to reply right away—you will want time to gather your thoughts and decide on what to do, after all—but try to respond within 24 hours. Do not wait for days or you will have one very unhappy client.

Professional means that your response should be professional. Even if a customer is expressing themselves in a less than kind way, do not stoop down to any lower level when responding: keep your responses neutral and professional while dealing with the problem at hand.

Finally, placate—within reason. To do this, you’ll need to figure out what the problem is and how if at all, it can be solved. Was the client unhappy because they didn’t get the type of shots they wanted? Were they unhappy due to lighting issues in the photos? Placating them may be as simple as offering up photos with different lighting effects.

Remember: you will deal with your fair share of unhappy clients. But as a professional Las Vegas photographer, you have to be ready to act professionally to handle any client complaints.