Equipment for Las Vegas Event Photographers

Equipment for Las Vegas Event Photographers

Equipment for Event Photographers

If you’re hiring event photographers in Las Vegas and beyond, it may be worth knowing the equipment responsible for capturing those captivating moments. And if you’re a rookie photographer learning to put your skills to the test, it is good you understand there is no substitute for investing in professional level photography gear.

So, without wasting any time further, here is a list of photography equipment I usually have in my kit when covering an event.

  • Camera

Yes, you read that correctly. It’s not too obvious to be on this list. The camera is the most important piece of photographic gear. There are different types, so the one a photographer uses may be down to personal preference. However, the grade should always be the same for a professional photographer: professional-level!

  • Lenses

Lenses! I come with as many of them as possible to any event I’m photographing. I may not have the need to use all of them but it is better to have them with you and not use them than to need them and not have them with you. One of the reasons why I’m a versatile photographer is because of my ability to use different lenses to take different types of shots. I can produce several types of images if I’m with my lenses!

  • Tripods

As a photographer, it is more than likely that you’ll take a lot of portraits during the course of an event. Everybody works better when they are comfortable. Most of the events I’ve photographed in Las Vegas tend to belong and it’s tiring holding the camera the whole time. I use it to conserve energy whenever possible and to take steady shots.

  • Extra Batteries

For me, this is a no-brainer. I never leave without extra batteries, especially when I’m shooting an event. Most of the time, I don’t end up using them but these things are electronics and they can disappoint. I have had my own fair share of energy failure too. It is always good to know that you are ready for all possibilities when/if they occur.

  • Memory Cards

The digital photographs are stored in memory cards and it is very important one has a large storage space. It will be very bad to discover the event has so many photo-worthy moments but you have limited space for them. It is good practice to always come with backup storage that is big enough to store everything you planned to take during the event.

  • Extra Flash

Most of the times, sunlight and the lightning in the event hall is not the best for photography.

I’m really particular about quality as do most of my clients. And the difference between an expert photographer and a beginner is how they cope with lighting conditions.  I almost always make use of off-camera flash, majorly a hot-shoe flash, and an off-camera cable for it. Also, I usually bring a diffuser along to spread light over the subject. It is always good to have extra lighting ready when you need them.



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