Event Photographer

Event Photographer

Event Photographer

From celebrating milestones achieved, to birthdays, retirements, homecoming and all, events are constantly a part of our lives. From work (corporate events) to family (weddings, burial ceremonies) and friends (community walk, charity), humans are built in such ways that events are central to our way of life and you should hire an event photographer to capture those special moments.

And what two things go hand-in-hand better than events and cameras. Whether it is photography or recording the moments, there’s at least one camera at any event, trying to turn precious moments into precious memories.

Whether they are photos for social media or photos for personal use, no event is complete without an event photographer – whether professional or not. But it is easy to get all engrossed in the activities of the event that you totally forget about snapping pictures with your phone. So what do you do?

Get a professional event photographer.

Hiring an event photographer is important especially if your event will feature a big gathering with lots of guests, possible VIPs, and one-time happenings. Many events that have special speakers and plenty presentations tend to proceed at a blazing pace. Before you blink, the event is done and dusted with.

What are the advantages of getting an event photographer?

  • To cover everything going on at an event: In truth, there are sometimes you won’t be able to see everything going on at your event. Imagine being the groom or the bridegroom at a wedding. Without an event photographer, you’ll miss out on the key, priceless moments of your big day.
  • For future purposes: You may have invited a keynote speaker to one of your events. Having an event photographer will help you to ensure that you have memories of the event at your fingertips, ready to be used in the future – whether in the end-of-the-year report or inside your yearbook.
  • Trusted service: Hiring an event photographer like Christian Purdie means that you get the kind of service that comes with 20 years of experience in the photography industry and has a deep knowledge of how the industry works.
  • High-quality photos: Between having the best cameras, tripods, high-end lens, and even a few assistant photographers, every photo is sure to turn out top-notch. That’s because the best photographers (like the ones we boast of at Christian Purdie photography) know how to deliver photos in prime condition, too. You can definitely expect to get your photos in high resolution.
  • You get value for your money: Investing in getting an event photographer means you get all of the above-listed points. If that is not value for your money, what else is?

So you have an event and you need an event photographer.  At Christian Purdie photography, our team of event photographers has you covered. Whether it’s a one-hour event with one event photographer or ten hours a day with multiple event photographers we can help you. Our event photographers understand your event, venue, and are talented photographers. Our over 20 years of experience makes us the best at what we do. Give us a call today and let us cover your next event.



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