Female Headshots With Soft Lighting

Female Headshots With Soft Lighting

Female Headshots With Soft Lighting

Is there a difference between female headshots and male headshots? The lighting formula that we’ve created allows us to use masculine lighting for male headshots and feminine lighting for female headshots. We have also learned some tricks and methods to create perfect and flawless headshots for our female clients. 


Soft Lighting: Lighting has to be perfect in all photos, particularly in headshots where the frame is usually tightly cropped. We use a wireless lighting system that allows us to create a soft and flattering light effect on our female clients. This soft lighting shows your face in the best way without showing any hard lines or flaws.

Balanced Positioning: The distance between the light source and the framing of the shot is crucial for creating a perfect female headshot. We have created countless female headshots over the years to know how to place you against the light source so that it falls perfectly on you, resulting in impeccable headshots.

Natural Makeup: We have observed that too much makeup never looks good in female headshots. Therefore, we advise our female clients not to wear a lot of makeup when coming for a headshot. It cannot only look awkward, but it can also be distracting to the viewers. We recommend you wear minimum makeup that gives a more natural and radiant look. 

Correct Posing: When it comes to posing, female and male headshots are usually done differently. We communicate with our clients to get an understanding of their requirements and the goals they want to achieve from the headshots. We guide and help our clients to hold the correct pose for the headshot according to their headshot needs. 

We are experts when it comes to capturing and creating flawless male and female headshots. With so many years of experience, we know how to cater to each client according to their requirements. So, contact us today at CPP or reach out to us through our website to set an appointment.

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