It's About You: Portrait Photography

It's About You: Portrait Photography

It’s About You: Portrait Photography

A lot goes into shooting amazing portrait photographs. From incredible cameras with top-notch lenses to props and costumes and even location, there is so much that is needed to shoot an intriguing portrait of your subject. Besides this, you’ll need to have the technical know-how to manipulate your light to shoot the kind of pictures you’ll be proud of. But as much as all these are important, every professional portrait photographer knows that shooting a great portrait goes way beyond having an impeccable light and props. Far from it. If you lack people skills you’ll never be able to tell captivating stories with your subjects’ portrait.

Like I said earlier, so much goes into shooting a great photograph. First, you have to understand your subject before even setting up the stage for some photoshoot session. And you can’t-do this without providing a relaxed and conducive atmosphere for your subjects. Providing a relaxed atmosphere for your subjects will allow you to easily communicate with them. If you’re looking to tell an enchanting story with your clients’ portrait, you have to know salient details about them, and that includes their passion, hubbies, memorable moments, and a lot of other really personal details. Without these details, trust me, your portrait shoot will be bland and uninteresting. More so, you wouldn’t be able to bring your client’s portrait alive.

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Another amiable character of a portrait photographer is his ability to connect with his subjects’ emotions. My years of experience have taught me that emotions are everything on this job. You must be able to connect with your audience emotionally. Why? It’s simple. Your subject will be in a great mood and that’s the ingredient that guarantees an amazing portrait shoot. Every single client I have had over the years never regret stepping into my studio.

What’s more? I’m glad you asked. Shooting amazing portraits that speak volume is hinged on your ability to seamlessly connect with different age groups and that includes children. Let’s face it, you’re bound to get tons of clients daily. To this end, you must possess the people skills to be able to appeal to these groups of people. A good portrait photographer should easily connect with both young and old generation easily. Children can be a lot of fun to work with if you know how to connect with them. Sometimes I even have to offer my subject some treat to let them know they can trust me. And trust me, this has been my magic formula. If you want to be great at what you do, you must know that everything should be about your subject. Good location, awesome props, a mind-blowing camera, and a perfect costume is definitely needed to nail a perfect photoshoot, but besides this, your people skill will earn you more clients who will refer others to you.

If you lack the people skill to serenade your subjects, now wouldn’t be a bad time to start improving on them. Just have it at the back of your mind that a portrait photoshoot should be about your subject.




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