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The online dating world has been growing for years with more and more people excepting to meet their significant other using an online dating app. Las Vegas dating photographer Christian Purdie has been helping clients update their online profiles to help them in their journey to find their match. A local of Las Vegas Christian and his team have an intimate knowledge of the city to help clients choose the best locations to help them create professional-quality photographs with a natural look to help enhance online dating profiles.

For years people have been embarrassed to admit to their friends and family that they met their significant other using an online dating website or app. Now online dating is acceptable to meet and has become a competitive marketplace for people to meet. The online dating industry is pushing the two billion dollar mark with over 70% of its users between the age of 25-44. People have not only accepted online dating as a part of meeting people, but some prefer it to traditional dating.

It’s not enough to just get a professional photographer and have a session. Someone looking to create an attractive online profile will need to get a professional Las Vegas dating photographer that can create professional, but natural-looking profile photographs. People can tell when someone is using professionally shot photographs. We orchestrate professional photography and an organic feel to our dating profile photography sessions. When looking for an online dating profile photographer be sure to look into their experience as well as their portfolio. Creating a great profile takes a specific eye in order to tell a story about someone to help them to find a match.

Currently, the majority of Christian’s online dating profile photographer clients are female, but with the increase in acceptability of online dating and more and more people that are moving away from traditional dating there has been a surge in males hiring Christian and his team.

Las Vegas Bumble Profile Photographer

You only get 1 second to get that swipe right. We can help you to get more swipes by setting up a tinder photography photo session that is professional but gives a natural look. On Bumble, you are your brand and what you use as your profile photo will determine who wants to meet you and how to move on to the next person. Our sessions are up to an hour and we offer three different looks at a location. You can bring clothing changes. We have a mobile studio that you can comfortably change in. You can stand, sit, lay down, and take a quick break in air-conditioned convenience.

Bumble has fast become one of the largest dating apps on the market and is a great option to help you find your significant other. You want to hire a dating profile photographer that understands the Bumble platform and one that can help you create a profile that will help you achieve your dating goals. The internet has become the most common way for people to meet and the dating market is extremely competitive. Your dating profile needs to stand out from the crowd. We combine a posed look with a candid style of shooting to make your profile look more organic and natural. You want your dating profile to look natural in a way that you would “normally” look.

Your dating profile photographer should have experience in portrait, fashion, and candid styles of photography to help you create the best possible Hinge profile. Your dating profile session should flow from not knowing how to pose to understanding what poses work best and your photographer should be able to guide you through the process.

A natural look is the best way to go and it’s more difficult than most people think to pull it off. We want your potential matches to look at your profile and think “I’d like to meet this person”. Don’t wait!

You can always text or call us at (702) 530-4384 or send an email to to set up your Las Vegas Hinge photographer session.