Event Photographer | Photography and the Five Senses

Event Photographer | Photography and the Five Senses

Las Vegas Event Photographer

There are five sense organs in the human body which include the eyes which help with sight, the nose which helps with the smell, the tongue which helps with taste, the ears which help with hearing and the skin which helps with touch.

All these sense organs are needed for many different professions. For example, a chef needs the nose to perceive the aroma of the dish being prepared and needs the eyes to see whatever is being done and the tongue to Tate the dish and make sure it is perfect to the taste buds.

In photography, two sense organs are very crucial and they are the eyes and the ears. All the other senses just act as supports to these two. The eyes are needed to see through the camera at the subjects being photographed and also to see all the equipment to be used to carry out the art of photography.

The ears, on the other hand, are needed to ear the click of a camera, the announcements of events and the statements of the clients who require your services.

Most people might think that the eyes are the most important since without the eyes, a photographer would not be able to see the poses of the subject or be able to cover an entire hall or room where an event is taking place. Without the eyes, the photographer would not be able to see the part of the camera to press in order to take a photograph and neither would the photographer be able to see as the lenses, memory cards and other removable equipment are being changed. The list is full of many options.

The point that the Las Vegas Corporate Event Photographer would like to expose is that photographers shoot with multiple senses which work together at the same time.

Of course, the brain is also important since it is responsible for the control of sight and hearing, which are enabled with the help of nerves which run from eyes to the brain and from there ears to the brain.

The brain processes all the information captured by both the eyes and ears and stores them for future use and at the same time give directions to the hands which snap the photographs and to the legs which move the photographer from one place to another snapping photographs.

What this means is that in order to be a great photographer, the Las Vegas Corporate Event Photographer recommends doing the things that can enhance the sight and improve the heating.

The ways to do this include eating the right foods which can improve both sight and hearing and try to live a healthy life which is not threatening to both.

With the eyes, photographers should endeavor to read more books which can help to improve the knowledge of photography.

There are several books which teach photographers how to manage the eyes and make them work very well whenever there are photographs to be captured.



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