Don’t Be Afraid To Overshoot | Event Photographer

Don’t Be Afraid To Overshoot | Event Photographer

Don’t Be Afraid To Overshoot | Event Photographer

When someone hires you to be their event photographer, they expect to get some amazing shots from you. The reason why anyone hires a Las Vegas photographer is because the photographer generally has the skills and knowledge to take better photos than the average person.


As you gain in skill, it may be tempting to take fewer photos in order to save time on editing, but don’t be tempted to undershoot. Although fewer photos mean you’ll have a lot less editing to do, that also means fewer chances to get a great shot. Clients hire an event photographer in order to be dazzled by the photos, not disappointed by a series of shots that are less than perfect.

This is especially a problem if you are photographing something with critical moments that can’t be redone. It’s much easier to delete unwanted photos that fell short of the mark than to present your client with imperfect photos because you didn’t get enough shots to choose from.

If you’re worried about overshooting, here are a few tips to deal with the stress:

  • Time limits
    As an event photographer, your time isn’t free. You are being paid to get these shots, and some clients may only want to book their Las Vegas photographer for an hour or so. If this is the case, you may be in a panic wondering how you can get all the right photos before the time ends.

While it may be tempting to just snap a couple of shots in every area to try and make the most of your time, you can get more done if you handle it smartly. A great photographer can still get plenty of shots to sift through even in a short amount of time.

Make a pass through once getting general photos and as many on the short list as you can, and then fill in the rest when you know how much time you have left. The photographer that handles shooting smartly is the Las Vegas photographer that has the best photos.

  • Be intentional
    Take as many photos as you need in order to feel confident that you have a good shot, but also sharpen your awareness of opportunities while you are shooting. Being a good photographer means keeping yourself aware of opportunities that are available at any given moment, and being able to shoot them. Your clients will adore the photographer who can capture special candid moments they weren’t expecting.


  • Shoot more for action photos
    Every event photographer has had that moment where they look through a series of action shots and discover that they missed the height of the action, or a critical shot was blurry. Improving your skills as a Las Vegas photographer can help, but taking as many shots as possible during active moments can help you get that great photo.


Some Las Vegas photographers claim that overshooting is wasting time and that you are better off simply taking a few shots to save on editing. While some event photographers might be able to scrape through doing this sort of thing, being the photographer that always has the best shots can sometimes mean taking extra photos for insurance.



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