Event Photographer: It's Your Brand

Event Photographer: It's Your Brand

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Event Photographer: It’s your Brand!

It’s your brand, so take control of it. Companies spend a great amount of money and lose a great amount of sweat trying to maintain a successful marketing campaign. At this point, the importance of marketing cannot be clearer. It is the fuel that keeps every business alive and kicking.

There are many avenues for companies to promote their brand, and social media is one of them. Print media is another one and the more traditional TV and radio advertising are still effective, but the power of the internet and its reach cannot be over-appreciated when it comes to marketing. When hiring an event photographer be sure to look at their portfolio and use someone with experience. Whether you’re looking for a corporate event photographer or a special event photographer give them a call to make sure that you both are on the same page.

Photography is the internet’s best language

Messages on the internet can effectively be categorized into two forms: text and images. It is no secret that the human brain processes images much faster than text. Images are much more effective in communication compared to texts, and images spark far greater emotions than texts. Hence, it is only proper to say that photography is your most powerful tool when it comes to building your brand and general marketing strategy.

Visual marketing

Visual marketing is the picture people see your brand with. According to Goodwin, “the act of connecting the power of images with your written content to turn your ideas and concepts for your brand values into an actual visual that people see and remember”. In essence, photography helps your ‘Show it, rather than tell it’. Whether you’re building your own website, or starting a blog, or simply promoting your brand on your social media handles – visual content (photography) is a key element in your strategy.

Take control of the photography…leave it to the pros

We have all seen really bad photos posted online, on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Companies must remember this: what people see is what they remember. One poor, amateur photo could ruin everything in a heartbeat. We don’t think this is how you would like to promote your brand.

Mediocre is ‘no good’

Honestly, I’ve seen people take really good images with phones. I’m also good with a phone shot too. Besides, despite the fact I’m a photographer, I’m not going to turn to my camera every time I need to take a casual photo. But they struggle terribly in low light conditions and are simply not meant as a replacement for a camera.

If you’re going to be successful with visual marketing, you’ll need to draw the line between casual and professional. To capture high-quality photos, it is best to use a high-quality professional camera. And if visual marketing is your endgame, do yourself a favor, and hire a professional photographer who knows how to be creative and personal with your visual content.

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