Headshot Photographer Composition

Headshot Photographer Composition

Headshot Photographer Composition

Headshot Photographer Composition

The importance of headshot photographs has been stated several times. It is a very important part of the makeup of entrepreneurs’ presentations in both social media and their different ventures. For those who are job seekers, their headshots could determine if they would get a job or not.

Having a great headshot can be achieved by having it done by a professional like the Las Vegas Headshot Photographer who knows the best poses and knows how to bring out a person’s features and make them enhanced in a positive way.

To achieve a great headshot, there is a need to have knowledge of the composition of a headshot photograph. The Las Vegas Headshot Photographer knows this. One of the important things to note is the equipment used to capture the headshot.

Smartphone cameras cannot measure up to a real camera, which is why professional headshots are always better than selfies. To photograph headshots, it is advisable to avoid the usage of the lens that has wide angles to prevent the subject from looking unreal with a lot of imperfections. Instead, a large aperture lens is better.


1. UNIQUENESS: It is absolutely important that a headshot accurately portrays who you are no matter your job description. Using photos that look nothing like you is very suspicious, and catfishing potential business is unethical.

Therefore, your headshot photos must be unique which means it must be you and not someone else. The Las Vegas Headshot Photographer can take a very unique headshot photo of you.

2. FACIAL EXPRESSION: There are many types of facial expressions which are cognitive evaluations of the surroundings, events, stimuli, just about anything that occurs as a result of what people feel, see, smell and hear. They can be joy, surprise, fear, anger, sadness, and so on.

Of course, it is unwise for a job seeker to frown hard or to look sad in a headshot photo.  You have to evoke confidence and that confidence must reflect in the headshot photo.

The subject can choose to smile but must try not to look too serious. It is easy for a photograph to show the all-work-and-no-play-makes-Jack-a-dull-boy feature in the face of the subject. The eyes’ direction is very important in this case.

The Las Vegas Headshot Photographer takes all these into consideration when taking headshots and that is why the photographer is the best in the job.

3. BACKGROUND: Backgrounds add context to every picture. A neutral background is advisable when taking a headshot photograph. Although white and black backgrounds are great, other colors can also be used especially if the colors go with the colors of your website or business cards. The background used would be the type that would showcase the Headshot in great and clear detail. Consult the Las Vegas Headshot Photographer for advice on the best headshot photos.

4. SIMPLE: It is always advisable to make a picture look as simple as possible. The more complicated a headshot photograph is, the more it will detract from the most important part which is your face. As a result, it is better to use the KISS rule which stands for Keep It Simple Stupid.

This is a rule that the Las Vegas Headshot Photographer has been using for a long time. This is because simplicity always brings out the best in anything.



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