Headshot Photographer: Time is Money

Headshot Photographer: Time is Money

Headshot Photographer: Time is Money

Getting a perfect headshot doesn’t require all the time in the world except there’s less professionalism on the part of the photographer. It takes once to learn about a thing, after which utilizing that knowledge most effectively at all times should be a norm. A headshot photographer who has mastered the art of the profession will hardly go back and forth during sessions all in a bid to create separation from the background and get the right angles, hence wasting clients’ precious time which could amount to good money.

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An experienced headshot photographer understands that clients’ time is of the essence, thus putting his richly-acquired knowledge to work during administrations to single clients or a whole team. Professionalism in the field requires that a general chat should be held with clients ahead of sessions to help them relax. But that does not mean that clients have all the time in the world. An experienced headshot photographer should understand this very well and make the best out of just 10 seconds to get clients as relaxed as possible. I do it all the time.

An amateur is far from recording such results. And trust me, clients don’t want to put their precious time on the line to verify that. From being a long boring session, there are no rewards whatsoever at the end, both for the client and for the photographer. Both would have succeeded in wasting some precious hours of their lives. What’s worse is that the photographer is put at risk of negative reviews, which is bad for business.

Having the right equipment and experience is the best way to save clients time. The ability to get everything set up and functioning properly affords clients a variety of professional headshots to choose from. Getting the best headshots may require clients to sit and take the shots, as they tend to be in a more relaxed form when sitting. Instead of taking multiple shots of a stressed-out erect fellow, calm his nerves by having him sit down for the shot. This saves more time and results in perfect headshots.

Communication with clients is not a one-time affair. Setting up a superb atmosphere for a shoot and getting silent eventually will only kill the good atmosphere you had succeeded to create. If you must keep to time, you mustn’t keep trying to achieve a certain angle over and again because a silence-plagued client has lost formation and is finding it hard to get into character, since no one is telling him what to do. Never stop taking the client into doing it right by always telling them how right they are doing it, whether they are doing it right or not.

This technique affords headshot photographers the opportunity to get great images in the shortest possible time. In an event where a client flaws by turning his head in a certain direction, thus ruining your image, never express it to them. But do not keep silent either. Whatever happens, keep communication alive, and be positive with all your words.



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