Your Headshot is Your Brand

Your Headshot is Your Brand

Your Headshot is Your Brand

Your headshot says so much about your personality. It projects who you are. Little wonder why thousands of people out there are always on a lookout for a professional headshot photographer who can capture a professional headshot they can post on their social media page, business cards, or other materials that represent who they are. However, as much as having a great headshot is important, it can be daunting to effectively capture one. To have someone closely facing your camera in an intense environment can make your work a tad difficult as a headshot photographer. But not to sweat it, this is what I have found over the years to be really helpful.

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Engage your subject in a pre-session consultation

Before kicking off your headshot photoshoot session, it will make a lot of sense to have an idea of what the headshot will be used for. This you can easily do by having a meeting with your subjects or putting a call across to them. Nevertheless, it is more worthwhile to have a one on one communication with your subject. This would help him/ her relax better. And guess what? Absolutely help them prepare better for the photo session. Again, you should inform them on what to expect. More so, to ensure you leave nothing to chance, find out your subject professions; that will make your job easy, to say the least.

Assist them to choose the right costume

When it comes to shooting a professional headshot, you cannot downplay the value of costuming. Trust me, you’ll have to get this right if you want to shoot an image that projects your client’s personality accurately. If you’re looking a capture a headshot that projects a formal style, you’ll want to inform your subject to come for the shoot donning formal work clothes. Most times, men tend to forget their jackets behind, so it would be smart to have one yourself.

Strive to create a separation from the background

Want to shoot a perfect headshot right? Then you must ensure that your subject isn’t too close to the background. Doing this will help you avoid shadows that will make your headshot look tacky, unprofessional, and frumpy. Even if it’s an environmental headshot, you’ll want to make sure you separate your subject from the background.

Ask your client to make silly faces

I don’t know about you but I know that helping my subject relax before a photoshoot has helped me to shoot better headshot. One way I do this is to ask my subjects to make silly faces while I click my camera. I know this may sound like a no-brainer, but hey, it acts as an amazing icebreaker and helps my clients to relax while we get into the shoot proper. Once you can get your subjects to do this which frankly very few would refuse to, you’re at least sure of an amazing headshot session. So, what are you waiting for? Experiment with these tips and thank me later.



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