Las Vegas Portrait Photographer | Shooting where you can

Las Vegas Portrait Photographer | Shooting where you can

Las Vegas Portrait Photographer | Shooting where you can

As a Las Vegas portrait photographer, you will be asked to go to plenty of venues for your photoshoots, whether they are for weddings, birthdays, business events, senior photos, and more. However, one thing that you will quickly realize when you are working as a photographer is that you can’t always take photos somewhere. Many venues have rules or sometimes even outright bans regarding professional photography set-ups on the grounds, so you will need to make sure you choose venues that allow photography.

Always make sure you are allowed to do photo shoots at the venue

Before you pick any venue—or agree to a specific venue from a client—you need to make sure that you are allowed to take photos there. Many venues will have a photography policy on their website; this is the first place you should look for further information. Look for a venue that allows for unrestricted photography; some venues may require a deposit or fee in order for you to take photos, and in this case, you will need to work with your client regarding the additional cost.

Call ahead to ask about photography policies

Even if a venue says they are photographer-friendly, this doesn’t mean you have unlimited licenses to do what you want once you’re inside. Call ahead to ask about explicit photography policies that could impact your session. For instance, ask whether or not tripods are allowed, flash equipment, props, etc. You don’t want to show up to the venue only to be told you can’t have your flash!

Pick public places for photoshoots

If you want to avoid the hassle that comes with having photoshoots inside venues, look for public places where you can have photography sessions. Public places such as public parks are ideal because there are no photography restrictions and as long as you can find a location for an undisturbed session, you will be able to set up a photography session with a client there. Other public places you will want to consider include general outdoor spaces—in national parks, by forests, rivers, etc., which can provide beautiful and interesting backdrops to any photo.




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