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In the days prior to film and digital photography, a portrait was painted by hand. It was designed to capture the essence of a subject and create a piece of art that essentially freezes time for a brief moment. Luckily, a Las Vegas Portrait Photographer has late 2010s technology at their disposal, and can complete a portrait session in a fraction of the time. There’s that old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This is especially true for a portrait photograph, but the technique to evoke a thousand words response differs from event photography.

When a Las Vegas Portrait Photographer prepares for a shoot, really try and get a feel for the subject(s) and determine how you can convey their essence in a photograph. While a camera, tripod, and flashes are ultimately required to make an exceptional portrait, the ability to direct a subject is what separates a good Las Vegas Portrait Photographer from a professional Las Vegas Portrait Photographer.

Since Christian Purdie Photography doesn’t operate within a photography studio, it’s important to utilize the environment that you’re shooting in. If the person has an artistic flair that you want to capture in your photos, then perhaps try shooting in Downtown Las Vegas. The surrounding mural art and overall vibe of the Downtown Area is an artist’s dream, and a subject’s presence in that area might bring out the best in them.

Finally, a Las Vegas Portrait Photographer has to be comfortable communicating with people. Nobody wants their photographer to be fidgety, anti-social, or stoic. Although the time spent talking to a subject may be limited, it’s important that a Las Vegas portrait photographer is able to maintain conversation and give directions where directions are needed.