Your Special Events Need a Special Photographer

Your Special Events Need a Special Photographer

Special events need a special photographer

Often times, convincing prospective clients why they need to hire a qualified event photographer to cover their special event could be a little bit daunting, and funny. I’ll explain – I say daunting because some of them assume just about anybody can do the job, even if the person has limited or no knowledge about photography. It is funny because I don’t understand why anyone would need any form of convincing in the first place – it’s your special day and you want something memorable to keep the memories forever.

Preserve your special moments

Event photography isn’t just about weddings. I’m sure there are more special moments you would like to share with people for a long time to come. Your birthdays, luncheons, send-off parties, family reunions graduation parties should fall under this “special” category too. Even corporate and business functions are special and photography is a useful tool to help promote your brand. Over the past couple of decades, I have participated and photographed so many events that I’ve created an event photographer survival guide to help photographers and clients learn more about the process and event photographer methods.

You can’t-do it yourself

Not really. You actually can do it yourself – if you want to, but you shouldn’t. Besides, if you or a friend is covering your event, who is covering your part? I’m sure you would want to be part of the picture too.  It will be near impossible for a rookie to produce photographs as good as an experienced professional. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “last year we tried to do it ourselves” only to regret not hiring a photographer. People get engaged at parties, events, and forget and eventually don’t want to bother with capturing photographs throughout the entirety of the event. Event photography: busy, busy, busy is how it gets.

As a skilled private event photographer and corporate event photographer, I understand how best to capture the event. Considering many factors such as lighting and backdrops, bringing the right equipment, backup cameras, and backup memory cards, the number of people in the gathering, and even blending with the environment and moving unnoticed. Accounting properly for all these factors is what determines whether you get wonderful pictures at the end of the day or not. I never fail to remind clients that the photographer only has one shot to take the perfect photo, and one shot only is what a special photographer needs! We get tons of questions about candids and they seem to be a big hit when done properly. Check out Event Photographer: Fly on the wall for more information on how to capture the perfect candid.

Professional Event Photographer

Event photography plays a vital role in capturing and preserving the unforgettable moments of any occasion. Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, or milestone celebration, having a skilled event photographer is essential to ensure that every precious moment is captured in all its glory.

Corporate Event Photographer Pricing

When it comes to corporate events, capturing the essence and atmosphere is crucial. A professional corporate event photographer has the skills and experience to document these important moments, ensuring that your business's image is portrayed in the best possible light.

Secrets to Event Photography Pricing

Event photography plays a crucial role in capturing and preserving the memories of special moments. Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, or birthday party, the photographs taken during these occasions hold immense sentimental value.

Professional Tradeshow Photographer

To make the most of your tradeshow experience, it's crucial to invest in professional tradeshow photography. In this article, we will explore the importance of professional photography at tradeshows and how a professional tradeshow photographer can help elevate your brand image.

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    […] In corporate event photography, photographing large, multi-day events was something I really intend achieving at some point in time. Am not talking about some “one-off gig” here and there, but constant shot working as part of a team comprising CEO and business executives of large corporations. I mean, once you work with the “big boys”, you’ll always want to remain working with the big boys. It’s a high-pressure environment and a creative corporate event photographer with years of experience is the only way to go, because special events need a special photographer. […]

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