Lenses for a Corporate Event Photographer

Lenses for a Corporate Event Photographer

As a Las Vegas Corporate Event photographer, you should already know that different photo shoots require different equipment. The equipment you bring along to a photo shoot most of the time determines how excellent your shots will be.

As a Las Vegas corporate event photographer, there are two unique pieces equipment that you should consider bringing to the shoot and this is because of the nature of the event and the type of people there.

The Las Vegas Corporate Event Photographer recommends bringing along two lenses: the long and the short. The long zoom lens and the short zoom lens, which are 70-200 and 24-105 respectively.

The lenses for a camera are the most important parts of the camera and the function is direct light that is reflected from a subject or the scene of a shoot to the camera’s image sensor.

The work can be compared to the function of the lens in the eyes. In the eyes, the lens focuses on objects and allow a clear image to be formed on the retina.

There is something called the image sensor, which capture the intensity of the light rays that passes through the lens into the camera.

To understand the function of the lens, it is better to understand the makeup or parts first.

The most important characteristics of the lens is the focal length.

Focal length is referred to as the distance between the optical center of the lens and the image sensor of the camera when it is focused at infinity.

Optical center can be defined as that point within the lens through which the rays of light from two different sources are assumed to cross when they enter the lens.

It can also be referred to as the real or virtual point or the theoretical point by which all the rays of light travel when they enter the lens.

It is basically Physics. The image that falls on the sensor is actually upside down.

Focal length are of different types and each one has different fields of view. For example the shorter focal length provides a wider field of view but the magnification is lesser whereas the longer focal lengths provides a shorter field of view but the magnification is greater.

Another characteristic is the lens ratio or the f-ratio, which is the quantitative measure of the lens speed. They are usually the ones written next to the focal length on the camera.

The Las Vegas Corporate Event Photographer would have you know that short and long zoom lenses can be described through the magnification that each lens provides.

Short zoom lenses allow you to capture excellent photos with the background of the event. They typically have a wider angle. The distortion in an image is proportional to the width of the angle.

The long zoom lens on the other hand allows you to take close up shots of keynote speakers and people in conversations and also so many details that might go unnoticed.

Getting up close to the guests may seem voyeuristic but the end results due to the phenomenal shots you will take in the end will make your client happy.



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