Las Vegas Newborn Photographer

Las Vegas Newborn Photographer

Las Vegas Newborn Photographer

As a Las Vegas newborn photographer, I get to be part of priceless, beautiful moments filled with emotions, vulnerability, and hope. Being able to photograph a newborn with all their innocence and novelty is such a powerful moment.

The whole photo session spectacle is simply beautiful. Newborn moments present a delicate feeling, a sign of wonder, a momentous capacity to snap away photos that are more than just pictures. They mark a new beginning for many parents.

Parental reactions

The photo shoot for every newborn is different. It always precedes a story. Sometimes stories of previous miscarriages or conceiving after so long. For the parents, few know really know what to expect. Some watch the whole photography with giddiness and fascination. The excitement is palpable. This is what we do every day. It is what we want to always be a part of; a moment that is forever etched in their hearts and minds.

Our newborn photography combines artful creativity, natural feeling and a keen desire to reflect the baby’s personality in these first few days on earth. We have wooly blankets, as well as caramel colored soft covers. We can take the photos while they lay on vintage stuffed buckets as well as laying on treasure chests.

This alteration creates different perspectives and emotion reflecting the child in different moments and feelings. What makes me passionate about newborn photography in Las Vegas is that it creates a lifetime moment for the parents. It gives them a memory to walk away with. A memory that clarifies the emotional moment of just having had a kid.

Our many clients

Over the years we’ve photographed hundreds of kids from different places and nationalities. We’ve handled first-time mothers, older moms, young moms, children from complicated births and just about every newborn story you have ever heard.

If you are a parent or you are expectant and you don’t know how to go about it, why don’t you pass by my office or call me up and I will take you through it.

I enjoy being the silent member of such precious moments. Our website is a testament to the extent of preparations that we do to ensure that your child is safe and happy throughout this process. To this end, we have invested in some of the best photography equipment.

We also have proper well-set studios that have very creative and artistic props and facilities. We can also come to your home and use your fabric and natural as well as added lighting, we can give your child their best photos ever.  Because the best photography isn’t about capturing poses it is about capturing moments.



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