Food Photography... Mmmmm... Tasty...

Food Photography... Mmmmm... Tasty...


That’s the idea behind food photography. To make the customers like what they are seeing – and taste what they are seeing! In any case, a great photograph doesn’t come around as a fluke – in any genre of photography, it is never a fluke. Food photography is certainly one of the most difficult types of commercial photography to master. It is a hard earned skill and very easy for a client to tell the difference between a stunning food photo and a good food photo. So from a business point of view, the pressure is on the photographer to deliver photos which have the desired effect on the consumers – to make them want to eat the food in question! Right away.

Something people will love to eat

Seems like the obvious purpose of food photography right? But sometimes, the results are opposite of what was expected. And here is how.

Many experts come together to make it happen. From a food photographer’s point of view, many details like lighting, equipment, composition, styling and post production goes a long way determining how the photographs turn out. Is that all there is to it? Of course not. All the above elements can be achieved by amateurs too. It’s possible the composition is right, he/she is using the latest professional cameras and lenses, the styling is fantastic, and you’re already salivating just looking at the food on the table. But then, the amateur photographer takes the shot. And of all the fantastic qualities the food laying on the table have got, none has been reflected in the photos taken – then you start to wonder, is the delicious food laying on the table and the photographs one and the same?

From my experience, the photographer must convey some things to the client on what to shoot and what not to shoot. Simply because not every tasty food look is appetizing enough in a photo.

What separates a guaranteed crowd-pleaser such as tacos, donuts and a disgusting close up look of a turkey wrap isn’t an expensive, fancy camera – it’s a knack for understanding what it takes to compose an appealing photo and the courage, confidence, to execute it.

The tasty food photo – my take!

When I’m able to compose something that evokes the food’s best traits, evoke its inherent deliciousness, accentuate the colors and texture, avoided blurry angles, and unappealing angles – above all when my mouth water as I edit the photos. Then, without doubt, I know I did produce the tasty food photo!



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Food Photography... Mmmmm... Tasty...
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Food Photography... Mmmmm... Tasty...
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