Product Photography: Your Product is My Hero

Product Photography: Your Product is My Hero

Product Photography: Your product is my hero

Most e-commerce sites have one major feature that distinguishes them. A large featured image or series of images adorning the homepage – the first bus stop for visitors to your companies’ site. These images are referred to as a hero shots in product photography. Some other popular names include banner or carousel images. The name is not important, what’s important is the purpose and role they serve for online businesses. To get the desired effect, the quality of these images must be top notch. Getting a skilled product photographer is a no-brainer. You get to reap the benefit of your investment as long as the hero image is sitting on your homepage. After explaining to a business friend the importance of a hero image and how it reflects positively on a company’s values and product quality, the following question came up: who should create the image? As a product photographer, I know the options available to someone who requires these images can only be relevant depending on the budget and profile of the company. Whether you go with free images resource, paid image resource, shoot them yourself or hire a professional product photographer to do the job – the bottom-line is, the best option is not always the cheapest. Hence, the work of a professional product photographer is expected to be light years ahead of the others. Both in terms of expertise, customization and image quality.

What you get with a product photographer

Interestingly, a great hero image comprises many elements. Working with a product photographer enables you to personalize your product features greatly. Some of the best and effective hero images we have created include the following three features.

  1. High-quality, beautiful product photography: brick and mortar store provide the opportunity for customers to have a feel of what they are buying. But online stores can provide this experience with big, bold and bright images. Images start conversations and could be the difference between a bad customer experience with your product or complete customer satisfaction.


  1. Attention-grabbing copy: one of the advantages of working with a product photographer is the opportunity to communicate a message in tune with the product image. The image is actually the attention grabber – a catchy phrase just adds to the flavor.


  1. Call to action: now you have the attention of potential clients, it is always advisable to encourage the viewer to take the intended action you want. It could be a BUY NOW COMMAND, READ-ON COMMAND, and DO-THAT COMMAND etc. Just make sure you ask the viewer to do your bidding.

Remember, if you compromise on quality, you might not get the desired effect. It’s not just aesthetics, it is a conscious effort to showcase your product in the best possible manner. They say: “the perceived value of a product is directly proportional to the quality of its photography”, that statement has never been truer.



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