Product photography: It's All About Your Product

Product photography: It's All About Your Product

Product photography: it’s all about your product!

Photography for me is big business and over the course of my career, I have developed my skill in almost every genre of photography. Most of my clients are scattered across every genre one could think of. As a photographer, you may be opportune to cover a client’s wedding or portraiture, but all this happens once in a while. One aspect of photography that connects most of my clients together is product photography – in that they have all worked on something for commercial purposes.

What’s commercial photography?

I define commercial photography as the branch of photography which deals with creating compelling visual images for commercial use. This images could be for advertising, product packaging, branding and publicity marketing and generally, to get the target audience to buy or do something.

Commercial photographers are professional photographers, but not all professional photographers can do commercial photography.  Hence, commercial photographers are great photographers, but they must also understand how images sell things and are able to articulate such qualities to drive people to purchase a given product or service.

The perceived value of a product is directly proportional to the quality of the product photography

Your product is as good as its image.

Is there anyone who understands this better than photographers? I don’t think so. I mean, even the photographer is judged by the quality of his samples and previous work. The quality of your website is often perceived as the quality of your business – these days, attractive, authoritative and compelling websites also mean having high-quality product photography.

Investing in quality images is a no brainer. Quality images start conversations. E-commerce sites like Amazon and visual marketplace like Pinterest are proof of the need to showcase your products with beautiful, compelling images. It could be the difference between a having a conversation and a no sale at all!

Being a Las Vegas commercial photographer is a fantastic occupation and keeping it simple product photography is always the best way to deliver a precise message to drive sales for my clients. Creating food photography that sells or motion photography that portrays a clients product in a high-end fashion is what it’s all about.



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