A Typical Shoot as a Las Vegas Event Photographer

A Typical Shoot as a Las Vegas Event Photographer

Building Relationships as an Event Photographer

Christian Purdie Photography was hired by one of our returning clients to document a networking event at Distill, a local bar in Summerlin. Although it’s important to always be on the prowl for new business, it’s crucial to retain strong rapport with former clients. Not only will they potentially use your services again, they may refer you to other people.

Another bonus to working with repeat clients is the simplified communication process. They know exactly what they’re looking for, and they trust you to provide it to them.  For our latest shoot, we knew that the host wanted many photographs of him taken with event attendees.

Preparing for an Event

The last time we shot this client’s event was before Spring daylight savings time, which made the lighting situation tricky. Luckily, this event had plenty of daylight to ensure we were taking outstanding photographs. But, once the sun began setting, we were prepared with additional lighting.

For this shoot, we had two tripods topped with Westcott softboxes for when the sun went down. At one point though, we ran out of batteries for one of the lights. It’s always important to keep an abundance of batteries nearby just in case you happen to run out of power.

Navigating Close Quarters

The area we were shooting at in Distill was like a relatively long patio that snaked around the building. There was room for everyone to sit or walk around comfortably, but attendees were crowding one area, causing major traffic and making it complicated to shoot and carry a tripod. In a situation like that, being patient and kind is important. A smile and a friendly, “Pardon me,” goes a long way.



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