The Different Shoots for a Las Vegas Event Photographer

The Different Shoots for a Las Vegas Event Photographer

Different Shoots for a Las Vegas Photographer

What kind of event are you looking for? A wedding reception? Maybe a corporate or tradeshow event? Or maybe you’re just having a get together with some family that you want to be documented? Whatever the case may be, there’s always a market for a Las Vegas Event photographer, and that’s where we have you covered.

There are plenty of reasons to hire a Las Vegas event photographer, but instead of me clicking away at the keyboard describing the benefits of event photography, we’ll let our client reviews do the talking!

Here are what a few people have to say about Las Vegas Event Photographer Christian Purdie:

  • “I hired Christian in 12/2015 to photograph my staff and hired him again in 02/2015 for my commercial shoot. Christian has done an excellent job and I’ve recommended him to several friends. I absolutely recommend Christian Purdie for your photography and videography needs as well. Thank you, Christian!!” Rachel M.
  • “My company needed a professional photographer and after looking at many we chose Christian Purdie and we could not have been happier. Christian and his team were on time, friendly, well organized, and took amazing photos which were more than impressive. Thanks, Christian!” Steve D.
  • “I have been using Christian Purdie Photography over the last 10 years for my business advertising shoots and he has been nothing but fantastic. He always shows up on time, is patient, and very creative in achieving the best shot. If you ever need a real professional, call Christian, he is the best.” Adam J.
  • “Easy to work with. Excellent rates. Positive attitude. He will take the time to listen to what you would like and assure that they surpass your expectations.” Mary S.

Clearly there’s a lot to say about hiring a Las Vegas Event Photographer, but we could never be so successful without brilliant clients and positive attitudes.



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