Being on time as a Las Vegas Photographer

Being on time as a Las Vegas Photographer

Being on time as a Las Vegas photographer

Being early means you’re on time—and being on time means you’re late. This phrase has been bandied about in one form or another for decades, and it’s reappearance in recent years has truly changed how we as a Las Vegas photographer business view being “on time” for a job. When you are on time, that doesn’t mean that you are walking in the doors exactly when you said you’d start—it means you have arrived early enough to scope out the venue, set up your equipment, and get settled in before your client arrives or before the event is set to finish.

This holds true whether you are working as a Las Vegas photographer for a business/corporate event, a senior photoshoot, a modeling photoshoot or any other type of Las Vegas photographer work. It is much more professional to arrive to the event early and make sure that you are ready to go as soon as the client arrives and is ready, rather than show up technically “on time” and make the client wait for you while you set up your lighting, equipment, photo backdrops and other accessories.

For most venues as a Las Vegas photographer, this means showing up about 20 to 30 minutes early. If you’re very unfamiliar with the location, it may help to show up a little earlier than that so you can make sure you don’t get lost and can get all of your equipment into place on time.  You don’t want to arrive and find out it will take you half an hour to get everything into the room where the event is being held, after all.

Remember: if you’re a Las Vegas photographer that is on time… you’re late! Make sure to get there early so that you and your clients can be happy and well-prepared for the photoshoot that is set to happen.



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