Best Corporate Headshot Photographer

Best Corporate Headshot Photographer

Best Corporate Headshot Photographer

Do you want to be the best corporate headshot photographer—or find the best corporate headshot photographer in your area? If so, then you might be surprised to hear the words “creative” and “corporate headshot” together.  After all, corporate headshots have a reputation for being simplistic or even “same old, same old.”


Yet there is a surprising amount of creative freedom to be had with the traditional corporate headshot. True, there are standards that you, as a photographer, will have to abide by; including neutral backgrounds, certain ratios or framing squares; or even angles required by the clients. But when you think about how even the smallest of changes can completely transform a photo, you will realize that corporate headshots can be just as exciting as any fun, outdoorsy portrait photograph. For instance, simply asking a client to turn their head slightly, or shift their shoulders around, or reposition their legs or feet can result in a completely different type of photograph.

Any professional photographer can tell you that the best corporate headshot photographer is someone who understands how to work within the needs, preferences and other requirements of the client while still allowing themselves enough freedom to create truly memorable headshots. Memorable corporate headshots will not be full of thrown fall leaves or favorite hobby props, but they can be memorable for a different reason: their professional look and their ability to perfectly represent the skills and quality possessed by the person in the photograph.

After all, corporate headshots are often used as the “face” of the employee or even the face of the company itself.  The better the photograph, the better the company—and the employee—is represented.

If you are looking to hire the best corporate headshot photographer, check out Christian Purdie photography today. We provide experienced, high-quality photography services designed solely with you—the client—in mind.



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