Event Photographer Banquets and Luncheon Tips

Event Photographer Banquets and Luncheon Tips

Corporate Event Photographer Banquets and Luncheon Tips

A corporate event photographer must be familiar with the various etiquettes of dealing with an audience in a corporate event. This is not like random social events when you are very flexible to do things that will make the shots great. While great shots are cool when covering a corporate event, an emphasis is on the quantity of the shots rather than the quality.


Generally, a corporate event photographer should understand the fact that buffet or meal is an integral part of any corporate event. Although it is good to take several shots, be careful in doing this especially when your subjects are eating.

Some people may be comfortable with taking their photographs when they are eating while others may not like it. So, it is always advisable to discuss with your subject before taking captures during meal or buffet. Below are some of the tips for taking shots during meal or buffet in a corporate event;

#1. Ask Before Taking the Shot

A corporate event photographer must always ask his subjects before taking pictures of them while eating. You may not really know the ranks and positions of your subjects, but it is advisable to be careful when dealing with people in an event.

Trust me, the person you just made angrily could be a decider or influencer in the organization. He or she may have the ability to blank you out from future jobs. So, try to ask your subjects before taking pictures of them in a buffet.

#2. Be Empathetic

Another great banquet and Luncheon tip for a corporate event photographer is to put yourself in your subject situation before taking that shot. Ask yourself if you will be happy when an event photographer takes a shot of you while eating in a corporate event. The answer to this question will always guide you on what to do in a buffet or meal session of an event.



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