Keep Track Of Your Equipment – Event Photographer

Keep Track Of Your Equipment – Event Photographer

Keep Track Of Your Equipment – Event Photographer

When covering an event, an event photographer should always keep track of his equipment. In fact, he must keep his equipment in a safe location. Even if the venue of the event has a designated room where you can safely keep your equipment, you still need to keep track of them.


It may interest you to know that nothing frustrates an event photographer than his equipment being stolen. This will definitely destabilize him, change his mood and can affect the quality of shots he will take.

Also, stolen equipment can make an event photographer be aggressive and rude to his subject, this may not go down well with his client. In fact, it may limit your chances of getting a similar job from the same client in the future.

Therefore, to avoid the drama that comes with missing equipment, it is strongly advisable to keep track of your equipment.

Tips for keeping track of your equipment when covering an event

#1. Go With An Assistant

One of the tips for keeping track of your equipment when covering an event is to have an assistant. A good assistant will always keep an eye on your equipment while you do the capturing.

#2. Drop Off Your Equipment In A Designated Room In The Venue

Most event venues always have designated room when you can keep your equipment. This room is always very safe and most times it is guarded. So, you can be assured that your equipment is safe when you drop it off in a designated room in an event.

#3. Keep A vigilant eye on the equipment.

If you don’t have an assistant or there is no designated room in the venue for you to drop your equipment, the next option is to keep a vigilant eye on the equipment. As an event photographer you take great shots at the event, still keep an eye on the equipment.



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