Five Pieces of Advice for the Las Vegas Convention Photographer

Five Pieces of Advice for the Las Vegas Convention Photographer

Las Vegas Convention Photographer

Conventions are events that involve the gathering of people in an arranged location at an arranged time for the purpose of a discussion about common interests. Conventions are common among industry types, professionals, political parties, fandom, etc.

One of the features of conventions is the presence of different speakers who make speeches that are related to the interests of the people who are attendees. Conventions are so common that several buildings have been built for the sole purpose of conventions.

Another important feature of conventions are the photographers. Like other events, photographers are there to provide proof of participation, record the event and participants through shots, in order to evoke their memories and make people remember the new friends they made in the convention.

Taking shots in a convention is usually fun and in a city like Las Vegas, it is even better. The Las Vegas Event Photographer brings tips that can help convention photographers.


The most important part of photographing conventions is being thoroughly prepared. Like the saying, proper preparation prevents failure.  You need to know that conventions last for a long time. Sometimes, they take an entire day.  You need to bring along a day bag with snacks, extra chargers for your cameras, extra batteries, water and so on. You also need energy bars. You need all these because you would need to be on your feet for hours. If you are the type who does a little exercise, you need more food.


The Las Vegas Event Photographer would advise that you show up early to the convention. When you do, you will be able to navigate the premises and that will give you an idea of the routes to follow. Those who are in the decoration and event planning business would have done their job very early in the convention.

This will help you to know the seating arrangements of the speakers and the important guests. This way, you will be leaps and bounds ahead of competing photographers.


Before attending any convention, it is imperative that you do your research very well. Zora Neale Hurston once said, “Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.”

Knowing the type of convention you are covering will give you an idea of the type of shots you should take and where and how to take them.


The Las Vegas Event Photographer would also advise that you should remember that not all the subjects in the convention are there for the photographs. Some of them may not like being photographed. Yes, in this age, there are people like that. It may be due to security reasons.

You need to politely ask for permission respectfully and patiently before taking any shot of people.

It also makes things easier if you already know.many of the people in the convention before going there. When you take shots of those people, others may easily give you permission to take their shots also.


the Las Vegas Event Photographer will also advise that you remember that haste makes waste. It is imperative that you focus and act promptly whenever you attend any convention.



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