Convention Photographer: I Know Your Venue

Convention Photographer: I Know Your Venue

Convention Photographer: I Know Your Venue

There are several advantages of knowing the venue of a convention beforehand. For a photographer, it is good practice to be familiar with the venue where you’d be photographing later on. Knowing your way around is important if you want to have a hitch-free day. It helps to know the venue. One of the secrets of good convention photography is to prepare for every eventuality. This way, nothing catches you unawares. Just so you know, the best possible preparations are done before the event itself.


For the fact that we are based in Las Vegas, that gives us a head start on conventions held in locations in Las Vegas. It is natural and I bet that is the same for a photography venture located anywhere else. Talking about being familiar with the venue of a convention or any other event for that matter, we have clients who are specific about photographers who have shot at the same venue of their event before. The reason is simple, they believe the photographer must have learned from the experience shooting at this particular venue in the past.

In Las Vegas where we are base, we have the advantage of understanding the major convention venues over other photographers who are not actually based here. Just as it is the same for those based elsewhere over us.

We know the good spots. In every venue where an event is held, there are good spots for getting the best shots. However, there are several good spots for every type of photo you decide to capture. Importantly, these vantage points are permanent. Once you know them, you know them. They aren’t going away anything soon. It comes with working several times in a particular location.

Las Vegas, for example, has some very impressive convention centers at Bellagio hotels, Paris hotel, Mandalay Bay and several others. All these venues are impressive and suitable for conventions because they have many vantage points. Spotting them is easier if the photographer has experience working there.

Lighting is another very important issue to deal with before a convention. For the major convention centers in Las Vegas, one may expect to have similar lighting for a period of time. But this is not always the case. Convention organizers have several factors to consider before deciding on the lighting settings to use. Unfortunately, the photographer’s interest is not top of that factors list. However, every venue has its own characteristic lighting and we understand just about anyone in Vegas.


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