Las Vegas Corporate Event Photographer | MAGIC

Las Vegas Corporate Event Photographer | MAGIC

Las Vegas Corporate Event Photographer | MAGIC

Las Vegas corporate event photographers work plenty of large-scale events, including conventions. Conventions have the potential to be a lucrative job for any Las Vegas event photographer due to the longer hours and more expansive work space when compared to, say, being hired for business headshots.

One of these large scale events is the MAGIC fashion convention. MAGIC is the most comprehensive fashion marketplace in the U.S., comprised of eleven unique communities showcasing Women’s and Men’s Apparel, Footwear, Accessories, and Sourcing resources from around the world. MAGIC fuels the business of fashion by helping facilitate connections between buyers and brands with outstanding services like retail concierge and matchmaking programs, bridging relationships and strengthening connections.  

With an expanded emphasis on showcasing new brands and a greater variety of buyers, MAGIC is committed to inspiring, exciting, and connecting the global fashion industry. Every February and August the retail industry convenes in Las Vegas to spot and shop the latest trends. It is a great event for Las Vegas corporate event photographers to photograph due to the variety of products. Convention photography can be fickle but in order to be a successful Las Vegas corporate event photographer, you need to know how to properly work in a convention-based environment.

They hire a good and professional photographer to document their conventions.  If they have several products that they want to showcase great and quality photographs of the products will be needed so that people who see it will be able to appreciate it. Corporate event photography can vary wildly in stone and style, so it’s best to consult with the client about what their expectations are so that you can meet them whenever possible.

You will want to know the type of photos they want taken at the convention, whether or not you will be stationary or roaming, and anything else you need in order to create the best photos. MAGIC has many wonderful opportunities for a Las Vegas corporate event photographer, and the photographers invited to shoot there are some of the best. If you’re asked to shoot MAGIC or any other convention for that matter, it’s important to stay professional.



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