Corporate Event Photographer - When You're On A Corporate Shoot

Corporate Event Photographer - When You're On A Corporate Shoot

Corporate Event Photographer

For a corporate event photographer, there are some types of equipment that are needed to take great shots at any corporate event. The type of equipment brought to an event could be the difference between a great shot and a mediocre one.

Based on experience, the Las Vegas Corporate Event Photographer lists some of the equipment to be brought to a corporate event.

Professional DSLR camera

DSLR stands for Digital Single-lens Reflex Camera. The camera combines the mechanisms and optics of a single-lens reflex camera with a digital imaging sensor instead of a photographic film.

The mirror inside the camera flips up and sends the light which is coming through the lens directly to the sensor instead of the viewfinder.

As a professional photographer, it is wise to know about the equipment that you use. One of the advantages of this type of camera is that it has an exceptional battery life and this is because of the optical viewfinder which draws very little power.

There are different models depending on your choice like the EOS Rebel T7i by Canon and the 45-megapixel D850 by Nikon.

Although they have a large body size, there image quality and speed are incomparable.

SD cards

SD cards are needed for the storage of the shots taken by the camera. The bigger the size of the picture, the better the chance that the picture would be very clear.

SD cards come in different sizes, from 4GB to 32GB and above. It is advisable to get the SD cards that have fast/write speeds, supports 4K video, and can also perform well in extreme conditions.

One recommendation is the SanDisk Extreme Pro 32GB SDHC UHS-1 Card which has all the above attributes.

The Las Vegas Corporate Event Photographer recommends that you bring multiple SD cards so that when one is full, you can simply insert another.

External Flashes

External flashes help to enhance photos through the control of the light that hits the subject. They are very handy and the Las Vegas Corporate Event Photographer recommends bringing them along to any corporate event.


Tripods are portable platforms that can be used to support the weight and maintain the stability of cameras in order to take great pictures. As long as a camera is on a tripod, there is little possibility of it being shaken when trying to take a photograph.

Laptop and Editing Software

All pictures need to be edited in order to produce quality work. The Las Vegas Corporate Event Photographer recommends bringing along both laptop and editing software to the event in order to edit the photographs after taking the snapshots. One software example is the acclaimed Photoshop which can perform a lot of serious editing on pictures.

Other equipment to bring along include batteries, wireless camera tether, lenses, gimble, and so on.

In an event like the corporate event, it is very important to move very quickly.

Finally, remember to find a safe place to leave your equipment and then go get your shots especially if you have no assistants or onsite editors.



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