Las Vegas Event Photographer - Accept Accountability

Las Vegas Event Photographer - Accept Accountability

Las Vegas Event Photographer – Accept Accountability

If you have ever worked as any sort of Las Vegas photographer, then you already know this simple truth, clients are not always going to tell you on their own exactly what they want out of a photo session. And if you are working as a Las Vegas corporate photographer, this type of lack of communication will often result in an unhappy experience for both parties.


You have probably already experienced a situation where a client was unhappy and chews you out for not getting the photos or lighting or experience that they wanted. It can be very tempting in these situations to argue in your defense. But making excuses as a Las Vegas corporate photographer is not just unprofessional, it will leave you with a reputation in the industry as someone who can’t accept accountability. Yes, it’s more convenient when clients tell you exactly what they want without any prompting–but it’s not realistic.

If you want to make sure that you are fully accountable for your Las Vegas photographer sessions, there are a few simple things you can do to make the experience better for yourself and your clients.

Always ask about specific shots and needs

When you’re working as a Las Vegas corporate photographer, you need to ask your client about any specific shots or other photography needs they have for the event. Do they want posed shots? Photos of any specific moments? The more detailed they can be–and the more detailed your questions–then the better the results.

When in doubt, apologize

If you’ve done your job as a Las Vegas corporate photographer but the client still complains, it’s best to simply bite your cheek and apologize, while promising you will be sure to learn from this and do better in the future. It’s not always technically true, but your client will be happier if you apologize for a ‘mistake’ then attempt to defend yourself.

Working as a Las Vegas corporate photographer isn’t always easy, but when you learn how to be accountable for your photo sessions, you will greatly increase your professionalism.



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