Event Photographer: Fly on the wall

Event Photographer: Fly on the wall

Event Photographer: Fly on the wall

Every great event photographer recognizes the importance of capturing the perfect moments, candidly. To do this, moving stealthily is a skill one must-have. Unfortunately for many photographers, this skill remains ever elusive. No matter how hard some photographers may try, they get noticed. Rather than being the fly on the wall, they become the mosquitoes hovering over you! Hence, many clients actually miss out on a documentary-style method of photography where everything is seen, as a “fly on the wall might see them”. Be sure to look at your event photographer methods so you know that you’re getting the best professional photographer and that you know what to expect from an event photographer. I have been to events where I wasn’t necessarily trying to move unnoticed. Some of this event actually requires managing a group for a photo session together. However, having taken a breather to photograph some of the event’s moments candidly, nothing beats the looks on the faces of my subjects when I show them some of these photos. It’s epic!

Candid photos work all the time

Be it at weddings or business conferences, birthday parties or sporting events, unnoticed, candid shots do the trick now and always. For an event photographer who wants to tell the story, natural photos where the subject is not intimidated or aware of the photographer’s camera is a must. These natural moments are all about timing. In fact, the perfect candid is all about being observant for these natural moments, and the natural moments have everything to do with timing. Patiently waiting for the right moments, which could be a lovely bit of interaction between people, a great expression, or a nice smile – and then being absolutely ready to take the shot.

Slow and steady does the perfect candid

Of course, it’s not always possible to be at the right place when you spot the right moments. If you have developed your stealth mode sufficiently, you’d recognize that the best you can do is to let the moment go and to count it as a missed opportunity. This way, you are ready for the next moment when the opportunity presents itself. Not so for the rookie though, who may try to chase after a lost moment by moving quickly and rapidly through the crowd. The eyes pick up fast movements and for a photographer who’s trying to be a ‘fly on the wall”, you simply cannot allow your cover to be blown. For me, being the fly on the wall when I want to is one of my biggest strengths, and coming out to my subjects as an easy-going person allows them to be comfortable with my presence. As a result, I get confident, natural photos of my subject unmindful of my camera. Find out more about the event photographer the perfect candid: You have come this far.


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