Las Vegas Event Photographer - Parking

Las Vegas Event Photographer - Parking

Las Vegas Event Photographer – Parking

Remember the good old days? When gas prices were low, when there wasn’t a franchise coffee shop one very corner, and when cities and towns felt–well, less commercialized! Another remnant of that long-gone era is something we took for granted for a long time: free parking. Gone are the days when you could easily find free parking anywhere, and when you didn’t have to pay for parking at everything from casinos to hotels and everything in between. As a Las Vegas tradeshow photographer, you will, unfortunately, be dealing with parking fees–and parking problems–a lot.

As any photographer knows, clients (unfortunately!) don’t particularly care about the ins-and-outs that may make your work as a Las Vegas photographer difficult. This definitely includes parking. You may find that the Las Vegas tradeshow photographer event you were hired to do a photo session at is held at a hotel or conference hall or other location where parking is not just expensive but at a premium. If you show up too late, you will find yourself without a nearby parking spot, which results in two very serious things: one, you’ll have to haul your Las Vegas tradeshow photographer equipment a long distance to the event; and two, you’ll probably be late because of the extra time it took to find parking and get inside.

It’s an unfortunate truth as a photographer that clients do not like to hear excuses, even if they are technically valid. That is why it is essential that you show up early do any sort of Las Vegas tradeshow photographer client work so that you will have ample time to find parking and do not run into any issues.

Remember: It’s better to show up early to a Las Vegas tradeshow photographer job than to be late because you had to park a few blocks away!



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