A Las Vegas Photographer Undercover

A Las Vegas Photographer Undercover

A Las Vegas Portrait Photographer at the Springs Preserve

One of the many gems in Las Vegas is the Springs Preserve, a plot of land dedicated to showcasing the wildlife that thrives in the Mojave Desert. Complete with plants, a butterfly exhibit, and other natural life, the Springs Preserve offers a photographer a variety of excellent photographs. This last week, one of the photographers for Christian Purdie Photography was sent “undercover” to take pictures of a marriage proposal. Although it went very well, there are a few tips that should be kept in mind for future reference, especially if you’re going undercover. Springs Preserve is a great location for a Las Vegas portrait photographer.

How Does a Photographer Remain Discreet?

It’s easy to be inconspicuous when you’re not lugging a large camera around your chest. But for obvious reasons, our photographer had a Canon 5d Mark iii slung over his shoulder.

When you’re on a shoot with a party that is unaware of your presence, then the sense of urgency to get a few photographs feels urgent. For the purposes of this shoot, our photographer had to photograph undercover until the proposal. For about 15 minutes the photographer had to remain “ninja” until the couple traveled into the butterfly exhibit. At that point, the proposal occurred and then the photographer could show himself.

According to our photographer on that job, the shoot became a lot simpler when he wasn’t hiding behind trees and trying to walk silently. After he was able to identify himself as a photographer, then the shoot became like any other shoot–with the exception of the proposal itself.

A Las Vegas Portrait Photographer for a Proposal

A marriage proposal is an enormous deal, so we didn’t want anything to go awry. Even if you feel like you’re intruding on a very personal life moment, you’re documenting a big day that the couple will remember for the rest of their lives. Even if it felt strange to go undercover with a large camera, we now have shots that will be shared across the world.

It’s important that you make the people you’re photographing feel comfortable. It’s easy to come across as awkward, but if your subjects feel comfortable around you then your shots will turn out much better. Make light, personable conversation with your clients. It doesn’t have to be your life story, but the brief conversation that shows you’re genuinely interested (or in this case happy for the couple) will make your subjects feel at ease, and therefore more relaxed in front of the camera.



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