A Tradeshow Photographer: Customer Interactions

A Tradeshow Photographer: Customer Interactions

Tradeshow photographer: customer interactions

Tradeshows are some of the major events businesspersons hire an event photographer to cover. Not just to preserve the nice memory of the events, but also to promote their business and instill confidence in the brand.

We understand a lot of effort goes into setting up your trade booth. A great deal of financial effort, planning, time, and several others difficult to categorize. But only a few people take a breath and actually realize the effort you’ve put in to make it work. The question is: how do you showcase your best features to potential customers? And current customers?

Capture the benefits with photography

People buy benefits, not features. That shouldn’t be surprising to many people. For instance, a typical tradeshow album may spot features such as:

  • Custom designed
  • Image cover
  • Quality printing
  • 10 x 10 inches

Those are the features a photographer’s piece of paper carries. The key difference here is the purpose of all these features, why will a photographer want to include them? Why make the photos 10 x 10 inches size? Perhaps, it is standard practice for a photo album.

Talking benefits, the reason we would want to make the photos 10 x 10 inches in size is to make them manageable – for the client’s bookshelf, cover table, or trade booth. And a size like that is easy to transport.

By extension, covering your trade show booth, retail booth, museum exhibit, we seek to sell the benefits of your products over others, the benefits of your services over others, and most of all, the benefit of customer interaction with your business and its staff.

Tradeshow marketing solution: with photography

We offer cost-effective photo marketing solutions for driving more traffic and engagement at your event from both current customers and above all, potential customers. Photography is very persuasive in marketing your work. Smiling staff, happy customers, it’s all emotions. By successfully capturing the spirit of your work or exhibit, we showcase the benefits to customers (both current and potential) at an emotional level. We tell the story of your business with every picture.


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Tradeshow Photographer: Customer Interactions
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Tradeshow Photographer: Customer Interactions
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