Shoot 100 Conferences A Year As A Las Vegas Conference Photographer

Shoot 100 Conferences A Year As A Las Vegas Conference Photographer

Shoot 100 Conferences A Year As A Las Vegas Conference Photographer

Las Vegas is well known for its rugged beauty, as well as its infamous lights. What it might surprise you to know is that it is also a popular location to hold conferences. A lot of conferences. As a Las Vegas Conference Photographer, there is no end to the number of conferences you can book for yourself. Many professional photographers aim for as many as 100 conferences per year.


If you’re a Las Vegas Photographer, you should definitely take advantage of the wonderful variety of conferences available, and make it your goal to start booking as many of term as possible for your business. Here are a few tips to help you get more business as a Las Vegas Conference Photographer.

Have a professional website made

It’s hard to imagine a conference being held without a Las Vegas Conference Photographer, but there is no reason for the people holding the conference to choose you. You can help encourage them to make that Las Vegas Conference Photographer you by showing them dazzling photos that are a cut above what other people are offering.

Share that you’re a Las Vegas Photographer on social media

Almost everyone uses social media these days, and some of that usage involves looking for recommendations for a photographer. Showing the beautiful work you do on social media is a great way to attract the attention of conference goers, and can help get the attention of someone in charge of the conference itself. If someone from an anime convention sees a beautiful shot you took of someone in costume and wants a Las Vegas photographer for their event, they may be more likely to choose you.

Partner with Venues who need a photographer on staff

Many conferences take place in the same venues because they are large areas that take well to the number of people involved. By introducing yourself a Las Vegas photographer, you can sometimes get venues to send business your way. Although getting business as a photographer this way is a little less common than getting business through a website or social media, it can still pay off.

Let convention staff know you are a Las Vegas Photographer

If you see a conference in the area and are familiar with the topic, it may be worthwhile to connect with the hosts themselves. If you have experience in the pet industry, or you were a real estate agent before you were a Las Vegas photographer, connecting with them about the topic may help you get your foot in the door.

As a photographer, booking 100 conferences might seem difficult, but it can be done. Every one of those conferences need a photographer or two to take pictures, and that person could be you.



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